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1. What are the few rules of hosting Slow Art Day?

  • All of Slow Art events are free (except for museum admission, if the museum does have a fee, and the cost of lunch - which attendees pay themselves).
  • All hosts are volunteers and make no money for hosting. Hosts may be a museum educator or staff member. Often they are local members of the community who like the concept of Slow Art Day (and are not necessarily art experts).

2. What’s not required to host?

  • No prior art expertise required.
  • No contact with the museum necessary. Museums do not need to approve. Slow Art Day is not a group event in the gallery - attendees pay their own admission to the museum, if there’s a fee, then view the pre-selected art on their own. This is not a gallery tour. After they view the art, participants meet together for lunch to discuss the experience.
  • No money management needed. Everyone pays their own ticket to the museum and for their own lunch.

3. What are the duties if I want to host?

  • Choose a local museum or local gallery.
  • Find a lunch spot.
  • Select 5 pieces of art for participants to view (at some point before the day and then email out the selections before the day). 
  • Get attendees - through most events are quite small. Start with your local friends and family.
  • Edit and manage the registration page we set up for you on the official Slow Art Day website to make any additions or changes.
  • Participate in conference calls and webinars with other hosts.
  • Share your learnings with other hosts.

4. What will the Slow Art Day team do to support me if I host?

  • Welcome you to the community of Slow Art hosts from around the world and add you to the host list.
  • Set up a registration page for your event, and add links to register.
  • Give you all the materials and instructions you need to host Slow Art Day.
  • Provide templates for invitations and for communicating with your participants.
  • Promote Slow Art Day to national and international media while also finding sponsors to help promote and support Slow Art Day around the world.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us.