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Ever wondered what goes into installing a large-scale public installation? Check out this video of Louise Paramor's Panorama Station.

Panorama Station is a permanent public sculpture commissioned by Southern Way for the Peninsula Link Freeway at the EastLink interchange, Melbourne in 2012.

Panorama Station is based on an assemblage of found plastic objects, which included items such as 1970’s cassette towers, lampshades, spice jars and toy parts. The origins of the fifteen separate components are largely obscure, but there is an underlining sense of nostalgic familiarity embedded within them.  

Built from aluminium and steel, its highest point reaches 17 meters, its base over eleven meters long. The artwork resembles a space-station, a rocket launch-pad or a futuristic engine, conjuring up images from popular culture, as seen, for instance, in the cartoon serials The Jetsons or Futurama: a retro-futuristic feel - technology imagined on a human-scale.

The artwork blurs the lines between sculpture, architecture and machinery and thus infers a direct affinity with the ways of the road, while the overall skyward thrust of the piece inspires a feeling of buoyancy and optimism. (via)