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Land of Giants, Choi + Shine Architects, 2010

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American firm Choi + Shine Architects designed these conceptual electricity pylons shaped like human figures to march across the Icelandic landscape. The pylon-figures can be configured to respond to their environment with appropriate gestures. As the carried electrical lines ascend a hill, the pylon-figures change posture, imitating a climbing person. Over long spans, the pylon-figure stretches to gain increased height, crouches for increased strength or strains under the weight of the wires. (via

Nicole Dextras, Weedrobes

Made with fruits, weeds, flowers and leaves, ‘Weedrobes’ is the delightful series of meticulously detailed, perishable gowns, coats and suits by Canadian environmental artist Nicole Dextras. Striking a careful balance between style and commentary, the message behind Weedrobes’ is aimed squarely at the not-always-so-sustainable practices of the fashion industry…After constructing her pieces, Dextras photographs each Weedrobe with a model and they are sent out to “engage the public” by interacting with passerby. Afterwards, each garment is left to be ‘reclaimed’ and to decompose naturally…Ultimately, the point of these ephemeral robes is to get people to see past the glamorous exterior and at the larger life cycles behind the fashion industry. (via

We love how Hiroshi Fuji encourages environmentalism by recycling 50,000 toys in this colorful installation piece. 

Fuji is a well-known installation artist and social activist born in Kagoshima City and working all around the globe. He produces large-scale installations, performances and events with a focus on the community and the use of discarded materials. For his latest show, recycled toys were collected from about 1,000 locations – shops, parks, museums, private homes and community centers all over Japan – to be reused in creative activities like public workshops or art installations.

This brilliant installation brings up childhood memories exposing visitors to random old stuff. From Mickey Mouse to Doraemon, colorful plastic toys become giant monsters or landscapes thanks to Fuji’s creative eye. A project based on education, entertainment and cooperation activities between kids and grown-ups, this magical toy landscape is in fact a big statement on trash and its huge creative potential. (via)

Nele Azevedo, Melting Men, 2009

We love the clever environmental message that this installation portrays. Azevedo carved 1,000 figures out of ice and situated them on the steps of the concert hall in Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt square. They began melting within half an hour, which drives home the warning of the project that the melting ice caps will most likely cause sea-levels to rise more than 3.3 feet by 2100.

Finish Environmental Art

These installations in the Finnish countryside utilize nature to create new sculptural forms. These works symbolize the connection between man and nature, as man owes his success to the bounty of nature and nature is as alive as human beings are. Environmental works of art try to draw attention to the beauty of our natural landscape to remind us that we should preserve our planet. 

Themed Thursday: Recycled Art

This week’s Themed Thursday will feature works that have been created out of recycled materials. We love bricolage and environmentally friendly artists at Slow Art Day so we will take today to encourage you to reduce, reuse and recycle in the name of art.